Gil B. King
Analyst | Community Builder | Engineer

Hey! My name is Gil B. and I'm a Data Analyst/Engineer who is passionate about finding creative ways to understand relationships. I like to experiment with data and processing tools. I have 2 years of experience working with SQL, Python, Tableau, and Javascript. I have 5 years in Excel and project management. I enjoy reading, current events, podcast/blog producing , and building interesting projects for complex solutions. I have begun writing blogs about data processing/experiments and the languages used. Check out my blog which I update every month on cool data analytics projects. Currently I work mostly with Excel, Python and SQL.

I also have hands on experience working with cloud infrastructures like AWS/Heroku and have deployed applications keeping scalability in mind. Docker & Jenkins are some of the cool tools I use for Containerization & CI/ CD. Some of my current side projects include Hospital Cost Analysis HCA Graph and Paper, Analytics for Yoga with Tori and Scholars Path.
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